Top 5 Most Critical Issues


1. Protect our Constitutional rights, which are being attacked every single day.

Many of our most important Constitutional rights are now under attack. Some of the most critical are our First Amendment right to freedom of speech, our Second Amendment right to bear arms, and the presumption of innocence as guaranteed by the Due Process clause. We must be absolutely vigilant in guarding these liberties. Read more.

2. Sustain the accomplishments of the Trump Administration, while also pursuing new goals that will improve the lives of U.S. citizens.

In the past few years, the Trump Administration and Congress have achieved: meaningful tax reform, sustained economic growth, substantial defeat of ISIS, and increased border protection, just to name a few. We must continue to vote for the same policies and legislation that have allowed us to achieve so much during only one Presidential term. Read more


3. Reduce spending throughout the entire government by promoting increased efficiency and cost reductions.

We must work on saving taxpayer money right now by cutting costs in every government agency. We must require agencies to implement more efficient processes and eliminate the slow, cumbersome procedures that exist in many federal departments. I have first-hand experience with process improvement at the federal government. When implemented well, we can increase efficiency and lower costs, saving taxpayer dollars. Read more

4. Fight against the Socialist policies advocated by “progressive” Democrats.

Fight against the Socialist policies advocated by “progressive” Democrats. This will become one of the most critical times in the nation’s history, where reasonable representatives from both parties must join together and fight against the Socialist agenda that could destroy our freedoms and our economy. Read more


5. Unite with other Americans.

It’s critical for our nation to find common ground among people from different political parties and different backgrounds. While we must not give up the most important rights and goals for which we stand, we must find common ground with all Americans. Read more