Constitutional Rights

Protecting Our Constitutional Rights

Many of our most important Constitutional rights are now under attack every single day. A wide range of rights are under attack, but some of the most critical are our First Amendment right to freedom of speech, our Second Amendment right to bear arms, and the presumption of innocence as guaranteed by the Due Process clause. We must be vigilant in guarding these liberties against even the slightest legislative proposals that would encroach upon our rights as Americans.

Unbelievably, some Americans today are advocating restrictions on, or even the repeal of, our freedom of speech under the First Amendment. It’s scary enough that some polls show that many young Americans believe that the First Amendment should be repealed. But even worse, some Americans claim that the First Amendment does not currently protect “offensive” speech.

Our Constitution grants us the right to express any opinion, without the approval of our government. This freedom protects the exchange of all ideas and guards against tyranny and censorship by the government.

We must diligently protect this right every single day. In the U.S., many college campuses have imposed restrictions on freedom of speech. We should withhold all federal funding from such schools. Meanwhile, in Europe and the United Kingdom, restrictions on free speech are becoming widely accepted. In the UK, for example, a preacher was arrested for words spoken from his pulpit, deemed discriminatory by the government, and French law makes it a crime to use “discriminatory insults” even in private conversations. Given that many U.S. liberals look to European ideas for guidance, we must do everything in our power to retain our freedom of speech; we must not allow for any policies whatsoever that encroach on this freedom.

Alarmingly, polls also show that many Americans believe that the Second Amendment right to bear arms, as written in the Constitution, is not actually a right, should not be not enforced, or should be repealed. The Constitution guarantees our right to bear arms, and is an important right for all citizens, but especially for the citizens of this District (many of whom live many miles from the nearest Sherriff or police station) for protection from wildlife, for self-defense, and, if ever required, for the protection from tyranny of government.

We must work to decrease violence and criminal activity by improving mentorship to our children and students, improving mental health access, and enforcing every single law that is already on the books. But we must vote against further legislative restrictions on our right to bear arms. Further restrictions are a mere slippery slope away from mandatory buy-back programs or complete confiscation of weapons, for which many Democrats are already advocating.

The next few years will be critical in protecting all of our Constitutional rights and ensuring their continued existence in this country.