Efficient and Transparent Government

Reduce spending throughout the entire government by promoting increased efficiency and cost reductions

Our national debt is growing at an alarming rate. We can cut some programs and can eliminate duplicative programs, but that will not balance our budget on its own. We must work on saving taxpayer money right now by cutting costs in every government agency by promoting more efficient processes and eliminating the slow, cumbersome procedures that exist throughout the government. Cost efficiency is an idea that all political parties should support.

I have first-hand experience with process improvement at the federal government to increase efficiency and lower costs. Increased efficiencies can reduce staff requirements, can reduce government real estate requirements, and in many cases, can improve transparency by providing fast and accurate access to records. These are only a few examples of how we can better manage our government for less money.

In Congress, I will promote legislation that incentivizes agencies to tackle process improvement and to create more efficient procedures. Procedures at the federal level can be highly technical; there are countless procurement statutes, regulations, accounting standards, and other rules making government operations redundant and cumbersome. I understand the detailed nature of this work and how we can go about changing these laws and procedures to save taxpayer dollars.