Fight Socialist Policies

We must fight against the Socialist policies advocated by “progressive” Democrats

Democratic Presidential candidates and liberal members of Congress now regularly promote Socialist policies in this country. I fully expect President Trump to be reelected, but the Socialist ideas of candidates such as Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders will nonetheless be promoted by liberal members of Congress. This will become one of the most critical times in the nation’s history, where reasonable representatives from both parties must join together and fight against the Socialist agenda that could destroy our freedoms and our economy.

We may think that the threat of Socialism is not immiment, but we must be vigilant in protecting capitalism and its related freedoms. Elizabeth Warren recently shouted “break up big ag!” at a rally. You might think she is referring only to large global agriculture corporations. You might think she’s not talking about Texas ranches, local farms, or food processing companies of this District. But the problem is, she doesn’t tell us what she means, and Elizabeth Warren and some other Democrats are advocating for anti-business, anti-corporate policies. Remember, only a few years ago, we were told “you can keep your doctor; you can keep your plan,” but now some Democrats tell us that a fully socialist healthcare plan is the only way to go. We must not let other industries reach that point. We must protect our capitalist system for all industries in this country.