Support the Trump Administration

Sustaining the Accomplishments of the Trump Administration

During the next few years, we must sustain the accomplishments of the Trump Administration, while also pursuing new goals that will improve the lives of U.S. citizens. In the past few years, the Trump Administration and Congress have achieved meaningful tax reform, sustained economic growth, substantial defeat of ISIS, and increased border protection, just to name a few achievements that have improved the lives of the citizens of this country. We must continue to vote for the same policies and legislation that have allowed us to achieve so much during only one Presidential term.

In contrast, in prior years under the Obama Administration, successful policies were reversed, better ideas were never implemented, and the number of regulations vastly increased. For example, after our country began to achieve increased economic growth during 2013, the Obama Administration passed an unprecedented number of regulations that impacted businesses and substantially reduced economic growth in 2014. We must continue to advance the achievements of the Trump Administration, while at the same time pursuing issues that we have not fully accomplished, such as reform of immigration and repeal or reform of Obamacare.