Unite Americans

We must unite with other Americans.

Unfortunately, our nation has never been so divided. It’s critical for all citizens to find common ground with people from different parties and different backgrounds. While we must not give up the most important rights and goals that we stand for, we must find common ground with all Americans.

Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, recently stated* that while growing up as an Indian-American girl in South Carolina, her mother taught her that “your job is not to show how you’re different; your job is to show how you’re similar.” Ambassador Haley stated that she used that important concept, learned from her mother, to work with other countries, even those we differ with the most right now, such as Russia. She started with similarities, and used those to move on to the more difficult discussions.

No matter who we are, we must find common ground with people of other political parties, people of other ethnicities, people of other religions, and people whose backgrounds differ in any other way. We are all Americans and must fight for our future together.